We are always on the lookout for energetic and talented candidates with technical capabilities, analytical skills and the right credentials, whose professional ambitions are in sync with our goals. Mailsoft Solutions is open to people with a strong sense of responsibility and a slightly above average level of mental agility and adaptability, driven by the zeal to learn. Our selection criteria ensure that you have it all in you before you join us.


Learning is an ongoing process at Mailsoft Solutions. We give you strenuous training in the most professional manner and equip you with the relevant skills, tools and technologies to cope up with the ever changing business scenario. Mailsoft Solutions operates in a sector where the clients’ specifications are distinctive and the technologies involved to develop them keeps evolving at a fast pace. We see to it that our people upgrade their skills to meet the latest challenges in the market.

Growth Prospects

Mailsoft Solutions appreciates and acknowledges excellence. We provide an even playing field, where innovations and initiatives are recognized and rewarded. We encourage every individual employee to leverage their strengths and move forward and provide an environment conducive to your personal and professional development. Mailsoft Solutions wishes to grow with you all the way.

Work Culture

Mailsoft Solutions has a truly professional, yet family like ambience, with ample space and scope for building friendship and camaraderie. At Infinity, we preach and propagate the philosophy that “No job is a low job.” We promote equality, solidarity and compassion among co-workers.

Job opportunities

  • Application Development Services
  • Energy Auditing Services
  • Electrical Equipment Installation and Testing
  • Electrical Network Survey and GIS Mapping
  • Training and Development Services

Our Staffing Service Models are:

  • Temporary Staffing (Short Term)
  • Permanent Staffing
  • Long Term Contract Staffing
  • Project Staffing

open positions

Looking for a First-Class Business Plan Consultant?

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